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Fair contest is about great images, not follower numbers. Contest winners are decided from judges and your Picks. Judges change at least once a week. Download app to join!



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ENTER daily contests with your original photos on Instagram. Edited, watermarked, interpretive, private and old images welcome


  • Enter EARLY when contests start and know your timings
  • Enter MORE than one entry and get noticed
  • Enter contest topics you are good in
  • Know upcoming contest topics. Invite your friends!

PICK any entry you like. Entry with most Picks from judges + you wins!


  • Pick in EVERY contest. More Picks means better chances to get free credits
  • Pick a competitor’s photo. Recover credits from Picking even if you didn’t win… If you STILL won, then you know your shot was good!

WIN a prize every day when your Entry is winner or 1 of 10 runners-up with the most Picks, OR when you Pick the winner

See what photographs won and be inspired!


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Date Topic Prize
7SEP Animals And Insects Sticky9
9SEP Portraits: Black and White iWinks
11SEP Portraits: Emotion iWinks
13SEP Portraits: Individuals and Selfies iWinks
15SEP Trees Picglaze
17SEP White iMO Camera Fashion
19SEP Macro And Close Up Instalab
21SEP Street Photography iWinks

All dates are AEST. Check app for timings. Contests start/end at the same time:
12pm Melbourne (AEST) | 9am Jakarta | 4am Italy | 10pm New York | 7pm California | 4pm Hawaii

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the prizes? 
    Answer: See PRIZES tab in the app, or see Upcoming Contest for details
  2. What are credits? 
    Answer: Most contests are FREE, but for some, you need app credits to Enter contests
  3. How do I get more credits? 
    Answer: Go to ENTER tab in the app, and click ’Get more credits’
  4. I don’t want to pay for credits? 
    Answer: Refer a friend to get +3 credits, or Pick a winner in any contest to get +2 credits
  5. Do my credits expire? 
    Answer: Credits DO NOT expire
  6. I think a photo is stolen or rude? 
    Answer: Enlarge and report the photo using the (ooo) button
  7. Can I join if I don’t have Paypal? 
    Answer: Yes. Join now and we’ll help you with Paypal when you win
  8. I want to use Pickture on more than one device? 
    Answer: Sorry, you can’t for security reasons
  9. How do I contact Pickture? 
    Answer: Use the feedback option in MORE tab
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