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ENTER daily contests with your original photos on Instagram. Edited, watermarked, interpretive, private and old images welcome


  • Enter EARLY when contests start and know your timings
  • Enter MORE than one entry and get noticed
  • Enter contest topics you are good in
  • Know upcoming contest topics. Invite your friends!

PICK any entry you like. Entry with most Picks from judges + you wins!


  • Pick in EVERY contest. More Picks means better chances to get free credits
  • Pick a competitor’s photo. Recover credits from Picking even if you didn’t win… If you STILL won, then you know your shot was good!

WIN a prize every day when your Entry is winner or 1 of 10 runners-up with the most Picks, OR when you Pick the winner

See what photographs won and be inspired!


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Date Topic Prize
13JUL Macro And Close Up iWinks
15JUL COLLAB: People Street Photography Postercandy
17JUL COLLAB: Black and White Street Photography Postercandy
19JUL COLLAB: Street Photography: Art Postercandy
21JUL Landscape Picglaze
23JUL Minimalism Instalab
25JUL Long Exposure HuggleUp
27JUL People Portraits Me iWinks

All dates are AEST. Check app for timings. Contests start/end at the same time:
12pm Melbourne (AEST) | 9am Jakarta | 4am Italy | 10pm New York | 7pm California | 4pm Hawaii

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the prizes? 
    Answer: See PRIZES tab
  2. I need more credits? 
    Answer: ’Get more credits’ in ENTER tab
  3. I don’t want to pay for credits? 
    Answer: Refer a friend and get +3 credits, or Pick the winner and get +2 credits
  4. Do my credits expire? 
    Answer: Credits DO NOT expire
  5. I think a photo is stolen or rude? 
    Answer: Enlarge and report the photo using the (ooo) button
  6. Can I join if I don’t have Paypal? 
    Answer: Yes. Join now and we’ll help you with Paypal when you win
  7. I want to use Pickture on more than one device? 
    Answer: Sorry, you can’t for security reasons
  8. How do I contact Pickture? 
    Answer: Use the feedback option in MORE tab
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